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The Head and Neck Cancer Program involves a multidisciplinary team of physicians and health care professionals. The team includes head and neck surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, oral surgeons, pathologists, maxillofacial prosthodontists, radiologist, speech and language pathologists, clinical and research nurses, and dieticians. We meet on a weekly basis to discuss new head and neck tumor patients and previously treated patients. Contemporary management of patients afflicted with head and neck cancer mandates a variety of closely coordinated treatments. Every patient is different, and we strive to guide each patient toward the best treatment plan. Clinical and basic science research are cornerstones to furthering our knowledge and improving our patients’ treatment outcomes. We have several ongoing trials, and look forward to future investigations.
Unfortunately, the reality for research trials is that funding is scarce. Additionally, many of our patients cannot afford dental care and other needed ancillary services critical for a smooth treatment course. We have established a fund dedicated to further research and assist patients in need, and invite you to donate whatever you can to this cause.
Please make reference to the Cancer Foundation, and send your donation to:
Stlukes Hospital
18 Commercial Avenue,
Yaba, Lagos.

Within the hearing and balance center, we are working on several community initiatives. Our current projects include: 1) Educational seminars for the general public about hearing loss, dizziness and tinnitus, including the importance of prevention and early detection. 3) Development of a donor hearing aid program. 3) Development of a local auditory/oral language programs in support of our children with cochlear implants and hearing-impairment. 4) Continued leadership for the Commonwealth of Virginia Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program. 5) Mobile Hearing Screening Unit to provide easy access hearing services to the community.

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